Are you looking for a business valuation in the Melbourne area? If so, contact Business Reports and Values. BRV will provide a concise and understandable business valuation at an affordable cost. We value businesses Australia wide, and can usually complete a business valuation report within seven days of being provided with the relevant details. Being one of the leading business valuation experts in Australia, we have valued a diverse range of private, public and multi-national companies for various reasons.

We have conducted numerous valuations for Family Law matters and we are often called upon to provide expert witness reports in accordance with Family Law Rules. In fact over 80% of our business valuations are for legal purposes.

Business Reports and Values provides business valuations for:


Family Law

I P Valuations

Professional Practice

Business Sale


Business Valuation is not an exact science. Several valuation methods and guidelines exist for each type of business valuation. Application of these must be tempered by professional judgement and experience. The  process quite often involves comparing several different approaches. The valuer then selects the best method, based on  knowledge and experience. To be accurate, comprehensive business valuations should take into account all aspects of the company’s business. These aspects will include factors which may be difficult to value and that do not show up on financial statements.