Forensic and Litigation Support


Forensic and Litigation Support

Business disputes and litigation are often complex and very rarely straightforward. At Business Reports & Values we provide Forensic and Litigation Support and are experienced in presenting expert evidence before court, tribunal and mediation/settlement proceedings. We bring a broad base of business experience and a diverse skill set to examine the financial affairs of the parties and establish the facts.

Our experience in a combination of financial, business, insolvency and court matters over a period of over 30 years allows us to evaluate different circumstances and present our findings in a clear and concise manner for valuations, prosecution cases and litigation support.

The services we provide are:

Family Law

  • Expert Witness
  • Valuation of Businesses and Enterprises
  • Review & Critique of other Expert Reports

Business Valuation

  • Disruption of Business
  • Contractual or Restructuring Advice
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Partner Disputes

Commercial Litigation

  • Expert Witness
  • Business Disruption
  • Economic Loss
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Fraud Investigation

Litigation Support

No matter which side of the litigation fence you are on, the experience can be taxing, divisive, emotional and stressful for those involved. At BRV we have a strong history of providing valuations of different types of entities and businesses over a diverse range of industries.

Whether it is a trading business or an asset holding entity, we can apply different methodologies in a simple and practicable manner to assist clients with understanding the value of the assets subject to proceedings or otherwise.

In addition to providing business valuations, we also  assist with valuing intangible assets and providing impairment of goodwill reports for disclosing entities.

Quantification of Economic Loss

Our reports are able to calculate losses in complex commercial matters in a clear and concise manner and take into account a number of different scenarios.

Whether arising from a contract dispute or a personal injury claim, our reports are tailored so that you and your client are able to understand our findings and conclusions.

Expert Evidence

We are experienced in presenting in Court as expert witnesses as well as during mediation and tribunal settlements.

We are able to provide a broad experience in commercial and business knowledge in order to assist with reaching an amicable solution for all parties involved.


The principle of Business Reports and Values, Lee Goldstein, has been involved in Business Valuations since 1985. He holds the following qualifications:

Double Major Degree in Accounting and Finance
Diploma in Forensic Accounting
Graduate Diploma in Valuation
Advanced Certificate of Business
Advanced International Certificate in Intellectual Property.

Lee has conducted numerous intellectual property valuations covering a diverse range of industries, and is often called upon to provide expert testimony in judicial matters. Lee has valued businesses and intellectual property worth over $3.2 billion.
Lee Goldstein has been the Triennial Certificate holder and Licensee of a Business Broking Company since 1992.


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