Partnership and Shareholder Dispute Valuations.

Partnership and shareholder dispute valuations

Partnership and Shareholder dispute valuations are produced for various reasons. Many businesses, both large and small, are owned by some form of partnership and it is an unfortunate fact of business that shareholders in the business may not all agree on an action the company is about to take. There are numerous causes that disagreements arise, even from circumstances that do not start off as a dispute, such as ill health or a marital dispute outside of the partnership.  In an ideal world there would be a partnership or shareholder agreement professionally drafted from the beginning of the relationship. However, not all partnerships have such an agreement. This can culminate in those who hold a minority number of shares feeling  mistreated or in disagreement with decisions made by the controlling shareholder and wish to depart the partnership.

This problem increases in privately owned, closely held corporations where, because the shares cannot be easily traded, their basic nature is that of an asset which is not liquid.

In partnership and shareholder dispute valuations, there are several ways to determine the value of a business. Because each partnership is unique, the way in which a business is valued must factor in the needs of all parties involved. The business valuation must identify and define the correct  standard of value to use in each disputed case. Even when a buy-sell agreement exists, it is prudent for the shareholders to engage the services of a valuation expert to update any exiting valuation.

Lee Goldstein of Business Reports & Values has over 30 years extensive experience in performing valuations relative to shareholder disputes and buyouts. This role is carried out either as an expert for one of the parties or working together with multiple shareholders in an effort to achieve amicable resolution in a more cost effective way. Business Reports & Values can, and often does, provide expert testimony in shareholder dispute matters when needed.

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