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When you need business valuations contact Business Reports and Values  are one of the leading business valuation experts in Australia. Since 1986 we have valued a diverse range of private, public and multi-national companies for various reasons. We value businesses Australia wide and also overseas. Businesses as diverse as a Queensland Radio Station, a Melbourne Japanese Restaurant, or a Marine Electrical Company in the USA & Hong Kong.

Business Valuation


The biggest single driver of an Intellectual Property (IP) or business valuation is the purpose for which the client intends to put the valuation result. Business valuations used for informal pricing guides for buyers or sellers require far less investigation as opposed to a valuation for a contiencious litigation. In between are valuations for other purposes. Whatever the purpose of the valuation however, 95% of the busness valuations prepared by us are less than $4,000.

No matter what the reason for the valuation BRV  will provide a concise understandable valuation report at a very competitive price. If we are required to attend court as an expert witness, hourly rates will apply.  However, we have found that opposing parties invariably agree with the valuation outcome.

Business Valuations


The principle of brv Lee Goldstein has been involved in Business Valuations and sale of Businesses since 1985. He holds a double major degree in Accounting and Finance, a Diploma in Forensic Accounting, a Graduate Diploma in Valuation (property), an Advanced Certificate of Business and an Advanced International Certificate in Intellectual Property. Lee has conducted numerous intellectual property valuations covering a diverse range of industries, and  is often called upon to provide expert testimony in judicial matters. He  has valued businesses and intellectual property worth over $350,000,000.

Lee has also  been the Triennial Certificate holder and Licensee of a Business Broking Company since 1992

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